AgPro Podcast: Using Biologicals For Crop Protection, Enhancement

Ag Pro Podcast With Ashley Davenport: Tim Damico, Executive Vice President of North America, Certis USA
AgPro Radio ( Farm Journal )

In the AgPro Podcast, voices from the industry asked: How can retailers benefit from offering biological products for crop protection and crop enhancement?


Tim Damico

Columbia, Md.

Executive Vice President of North America, Certis USA


A: “Microbial seed treatments are one of the fastest-growing segments in the biopesticide space. The reason being is that these products are very effective, and they are very economical to use. They’re very unique in their modes of action—they’re great for a resistance management strategy. I like to dwell on the fact that they have unique modes of action where they will parasitize the disease, or they’ll be able to develop a shield around the plant—around the root system—or they’ll even colonize the root system. They are much different than your traditional chemical.”