AgPro Podcast: Updating Retailer Facilities Delivers Better Customer Service

Question: What new products or trends in 2018 will help create better ROI for your customers and enable them to be sustainable in tough economic times?

J.C. Remsberg

New Providence, Pa.

Eastern Sales Representative, Stueve Construction

Answer: “In today’s difficult economic environment, we are seeing a trend to update existing facilities to meet the needs of retailers’ customers. Precision  agriculture is having an impact on retailers’ needs. A plant built 10 years or 20 years ago may only have four bins for fertilizers. But in today’s world, there are more types of fertilizers and value-added crop nutrients in the marketplace. Having the capability of adding those products to your blends can really give a retail facility the advantage against competitors and promote better agronomy and sustainability.”

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The AgPro Radio Podcast features insights and perspectives vital to AgPro readers and is hosted by veteran farm broadcaster and former retailer Pam Fretwell. New episodes are available every Monday on the FarmJournal On-Air App and Apple Podcasts. Have an idea for the podcast? Email      


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