AgPro Podcast: Tech Brings More Questions Than Answers

The AgPro podcast hosts conversations with retailers and industry leaders on top-of-mind topics affecting ag retail today and in the future. ( AgPro )

On the AgPro Podcast with Ashley Davenportvoices from the industry asked, "How are you using technology to make farmers' jobs easier?"

Ben Carlisle
Memphis, Tenn.

Agriculture Technology Manager
GreenPoint Ag


A: If you think that precision will make your life easier, you’re probably wrong. When I look at precision ag, it tends to bring more questions than answers, but they’re questions that are worth investigating. What it is doing is it’s bringing us insights on that acre that allows us to manage in a different way. Growing up on a farm, we did things because that’s the way you do things. Today, there’s new genetics, new chemistry and new ideas. [Precision ag] doesn’t make it easier. It makes us better at our decision-making and makes us more efficient.

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