AgPro Podcast: Jenner Ag Says Customers Want A Multitasking Machine

Question: What new products or trends in 2018 will help create better ROI for your customers and enable them to be sustainable in tough economic times?

James Fehr

Harristown, Ill.

General Manager, Application Division, Jenner Ag Inc.

Answer: “We continue to need to be more efficient with operators as we have fewer available employees to run the equipment. So we developed a product that would do multiple applications, using the same operator, extending the season that the machines are being used along with the capabilities of the operator. The Trident 5550 is designed to be a combo machine. It can be used to spread dry ingredients or switched easily to spray wet applications. That creates more efficient use of time and people. Everything is about efficiency.”

Hear the full interview on the AgPro Podcast


The AgPro Radio Podcast features insights and perspectives vital to AgPro readers and is hosted by veteran farm broadcaster and former retailer Pam Fretwell. New episodes are available every Monday on the FarmJournal On-Air App and Apple Podcasts. Have an idea for the podcast? Email      


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