AgPro Podcast: Insecticide Regulations A Top Concern in 2018

Ag Pro Podcast with Pam Fretwell 2-12-18 Being An Advocate For Farmers
Today I sit down with Steven Hoffman a crop consultant in Wisconsin find out how he advocates for farmers when it comes to regulations.
Steve Hoffman
( AgPro )

On the most recent AgPro podcast, crop consultants from across the country were asked: What regulations are you concerned about in 2018? What are you doing to address those regulations?

Steve Hoffman, Manitowoc, Wis.

Crop Consultant, InDepth Agronomy

 “Nutrient management with our dairies is a top concern. In general, insecticides are a big concern because of insect resistance. Some pests are treatable with one or two labeled products. If you take one of those away, you limit choices of treatment, and that is more likely to lead to resistance. A lot of these issues come down to how the chemistries are applied—the method and timing of application—but yet the chemistry is what’s under attack. Newsletters to our customers make them aware of the issues and let them know that we are spending our time advocating for them. I consider it part of my job.”

Steve Hoffman InDepth Agronomy