AgPro Podcast: Importance of Soil Testing in 2019

On the AgPro Podcast, voices from the industry asked: From lessons learned in 2018, how are you helping farmers prepare for 2019?


Steve Patterson

Richmond, Va.

SVP of Marketing and Communications, Southern States Co-op

A: The No. 1 thing they need to do is pretty basic—they need to be soil testing, but not everybody does that. Overall, farmers can’t be sloppy with their practices. You’ve got to pay more attention to your planting rate. Is your planter calibrated? Are you paying attention to how to increase your Maximum economic yields? Are you relying on anybody in the industry that can help you make these tough decisions? In these times of low commodity prices, we believe you can still make money as a producer, but you can’t if you’re just doing the same thing that you’ve always done.