AgPro Podcast: The Importance of Brick-And-Mortar Businesses

The AgPro podcast hosts conversations with retailers and industry leaders on top-of-mind topics affecting ag retail today and in the future. ( AgPro )

On the AgPro Podcast with Ashley Davenport, voices from the industry asked, “From your perspective, what are the most misunderstood parts of the ag retail industry?”

Brad Smith
Selma, Ala.

Sales agronomist, Nutrien Ag Solutions


A: One of the challenges, and something that is misunderstood, is how much value there is in brick-and-mortar. And how much value there should be on having someone in a relatively close area that farmers can deal with as far as looking at their crop and making recommendations. When a lot of people look down at what retail can do or has done, they think everyone can provide some of these things at no cost. And so the thing that we have to do to is show our value to a customer from a service standpoint. And we have to understand service means different things to different customers.


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