AgPro Podcast: Helping Growers Use Inputs Efficiently

Ag Pro Podcast With Ashley Davenport: Ryan Meister | Director of Expanded Premium Services | Servi-Tech
AgPro Radio ( Farm Journal )

In the AgPro Podcast, voices from the industry asked: How is your team adding value to the products and services you provide farmer customers?

Ryan Meister

David City, Nebraska


Director of Expanded Premium Services, Servi-Tech

A: It’s a lot of looking at the future as far as what our customers need and evaluating new opportunities with partners. All of our services focus on helping the grower use inputs as efficiently as they possibly can while protecting yield potential. We don’t sell any of those inputs growers use, but we want them to understand their options. We like to think of our services as offering peace of mind for our customers by always keeping them informed. When the grower is successful, we are too. That type of relationship builds trust, which is core to our business.