AgPro Podcast: Dicamba and Seed Treatment Limitations

Ag Pro Podcast with Pam Fretwell 2-5-18 Regulations Impacting Farmers and Crop Consulants
In today's podcast, I sit down with James Todd of Todd Consulting LLC to talk about what regulations he thinks are important going into 2018.
James Todd
( AgPro )

AgPro Podcast: Dicamba and Seed Treatment Limitations

On the most recent AgPro podcast, crop consultants from across the country were asked: What regulations are you concerned about in 2018? What are you doing to address those regulations?

James E. Todd, Lubbock, Texas

Crop Consultant, Todd Ag Consulting LLC

A: “Regulations on the use of dicamba are certainly a concern. Most herbicides in my area are applied at night. The wind starts blowing as soon as the sun comes up, and the humidity is too low during the day to assure that the herbicides will work. So being unable to spray at night is a big deal for our farmers. Restrictions on neonic use concern us as well. Most of our corn, cotton and soybean seed is treated with neonics. Also, record keeping and worker protection standards are impacting our crop consulting business. We have to be very conscious of rule changes.”

James Todd


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