AgPro Podcast: Chemical Broker Business Isn’t New

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On the AgPro Podcast with Ashley Davenport, voices from the industry asked, “From your perspective, what are the most misunderstood parts of the ag retail industry?”

Conrad Smith
Quincy, Ill.

Sales manager, Smith Ag Inc.



A: Having been around [the chemical] business, I’ve known about chemical brokers. So even though it’s online today and maybe more advertised by some than others, it’s certainly not new. Because of the number of retailers in the area in which I work versus some of the other areas in the country, our exposure to price discovery is probably different than other states like Texas or the Dakotas. There are brokers in seed and fertilizers. All the players know what everybody’s cost position is, and there are ways to get a better cost position. But they’re not always friendly.


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