AgPro Podcast: Biological Products Are “Highly Targeted”

Ag Pro Podcast With Ashley Davenport: Rick Melnick, Global Brand Manager, Valent BioSciences
AgPro Radio ( Farm Journal )

In the AgPro Podcast, voices from the industry asked: How can retailers benefit from offering biological products for crop protection and crop enhancement?


Rick Melnick

Libertyville, Ill.

Senior Brand Manager, Valent BioSciences


A: “The thing about biologicals—and this is not just true of our products but the vast majority of biologicals, is they’re highly targeted. They’re specific. A core part of their value is in the specificity. These are oftentimes living organisms, or they could be plant extracts. What’s really cool about these products is they operate in an ecology. As you look at the sustainability movement, retailers and consumers are much more thoughtful of down-the-road implications. There are several needs that growers have, and biologicals can meet those sometimes better than conventional products.”