AgGateway Digital Ag In Action: Delivering Right Product, Right Time

Nutrien Ag Solutions' specialty business unit saw great advantages to adopting AgGateway standards. ( Nutrien Ag Solutions )

This article is part of AgGateway’s case study series on digital agriculture, a partnership with Farm Journal Media. AgGateway is a non-profit org dedicated to promoting and enabling the industry's transition to digital agriculture.

Donald Green, EDI  Systems Analyst for Nutrien, explains the company found success in implementing AgGateway standards particularly in working with its specialty chemical suppliers.  

As Green explains, until recently there have been limited choices for inventory reporting for retailers and small to medium-sized distributors. Nutrien and its partners – SePRO Corporation and Nufarm (working with TKXS) – collaborated with other companies within AgGateway to create a solution for the industry.

“For example, AgGateway eliminates the need for dozens of customized spreadsheets, and it speeds up service and reporting,” he says. 

Green says the standard the easy to implement and eliminated manual data entry, improves data accuracy and creates one format to satisfy the need of dozens of manufacturers. 

“This also means we can create accurate demand planning, to have the right product at the right time in the right geography to serve our customers,” Green says. 

Learn more in his full interview from AgriTalk Radio: 

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