AGCO Showcases RoGator AirMax Precision R1/R2

Challenger RoGator C spreaders can now be outfitted with AirMax Precision R1/R2 systems for high capacity, high clearance row crop application. 

The AirMax Precision R1/R2 pneumatic spreader system is especially designed for mid-season application, and it allows the spreader to be used for urea application the spring, and then phosphorus and potassium in the fall. The system provides for low- or high-rate prescription application with the UltraSpread system. And TurnLogic provides turn compensation in curves and corners. 

The machines are available as a single-bin R1 (235 cu. ft capacity) or the two-bin R2 which can be configured with a 50/50 or 60/40 split (up to 215 cu. ft capacity.)

With the new machines, the boom has been expanded to 70’ width and is built with 304 stainless steel.