AGCO offers enhanced RG700B self-propelled sprayer

AGCO's RG700 self-propelled sprayer is being enhanced for model year 2015 with a simplified drive system to provide improved performance and easier operation.

The upgraded model is planned for introduction in late spring 2015 as the RG700B. In addition to having a Tier 4 final engine, the machine's AWD Smart Drive System will enable some components to operate automatically, without operator input, according to Craig Miller, sales and marketing specialist for AGCO Application Equipment.  

"The drive system will offer presets for both transport and field conditions, he said. "Within the field range, the RPM floor setting remains adjustable, although with a higher limit to ensure peak performance. 

Developed by AGCO, the AWD Smart Drive System provides consistent field speed, without shifting, and excellent traction with all four wheels remaining on the ground. The result is a smoother ride, less wear and tear on the booms and more precise product application, even under variable field conditions.

Engineered for smaller fields, the 700-gallon-tank machine debuted last season as the newest member of the RoGator® family. All of its other features will carry over to the 2015 RG700B, including a powerful 165-hp, high-torque engine, adjustable track widths to operate quickly and easily through a wide variety of crops, crop heights and field conditions, advanced boom control and steering systems, and an application-designed cab to maximize operator safety and comfort. 

As an optional feature, all 2015 RoGator models will also continue to be offered as Slingshot-ready from the factory, for easy installation of Raven's Slingshot precision ag technology by AGCO dealers. Utilizing wireless connectivity via cellular networks, the Slingshot system offers more precise application accuracy, wireless Internet access and remote transfer of field data to and from the Raven field computer.  

For more information about the RG700B, or the larger 900- to 1,300-gallon professional RoGator models, contact your AGCO dealer or visit