AGCO introduces 2013 TerraGator applicator

AGCO introduces 2013 TerraGator applicator AGCO Application Equipment is offering a complete lineup of 2013 TerraGator models. All four TerraGator models, ranging from 330 to 425 horsepower come with features to improve fleet management and product application.

The 2013 TerraGator lineup features the three-wheel chassis TerraGator TG7300, TG8300 and TG9300 and four-wheel chassis TerraGator TG8400.

The enhancements include greater accuracy and better spread-pattern consistency with the improved AirMax Precision and AirMax Precision 2 dry-application systems. AgCommand, AGCO's proprietary telemetry system, now comes as a standard feature on all 2013 TerraGator models, with one year of the Advanced Service subscription.

"You'd be hard pressed to find a square inch on the TerraGator that hasn't been improved within the past five years," says Joel Krause, AGCO Application marketing specialist. "The many significant changes we've made to the guts of the TerraGator, coupled with improvements we've made to this year's product offering, quite simply make TerraGator untouchable in power, accuracy, performance and field smarts."

AirMax Precision and AirMax Precision 2

The AirMax Precision Systems exclusive to TerraGator are highly regarded among the best dry-application systems for producing uniform application patterns over uneven terrain and in windy conditions. AirMax Precision is a single-bin dry system, and AirMax Precision 2 spreads up to two products at once with customizable co-application rates. Enhancements made to the center outlets of both dry systems improve an already impressive spread-pattern consistency and product placement. Krause says just a few of the changes to the AirMax systems include designing tubes with a longer straight section, repositioning parts to create a more-constant and less-restricted airflow and creating curvature designs in the deflectors to widen the uniform pattern.

"We're setting higher industry standards on the level of accuracy that is available for dry-application practices," says Krause.

AgCommand Telemetry

AgCommand is a plug-and-play device that interfaces to the CAN network. When configured with a machine, it automatically generates near real-time information about a machine, such as its location, how well it is performing and how efficiently the equipment is being used. AgCommand works in tandem with either Standard Plus Service or Advanced Service subscriptions.

AgCommand collects GPS satellite location and machine performance data every 60 seconds in the Standard Plus version and every 10 seconds in the Advanced version. Data collected from the machine sensors is sent via modem over a cell network to a website every 15 minutes with the Standard Plus and every 10 minutes with the Advanced version.

In addition to tracking engine hours, fuel consumption, operator efficiency and field-specific machine information, the telemetry system also creates geo-fences, or GPS boundaries. These geo-fences can help a sprayer fleet improve on its efficiency by examining where it has been and other routes that could have been more time efficient.

Craig Jorgensen, business development specialist for AGCO, says customers, particularly those managing fleets of machinery, regardless of the machines they are running, appreciate the near real-time access to machine data AgCommand gathers, because it helps them move more efficiently while reducing downtime. "AgCommand reduces downtime by helping customers coordinate schedules for refueling and product refilling. The geo-fences also help operators locate fields more accurately and quickly."

Viper Pro

Product application rapidly is increasing in choices and complexity, which means operators have to bring their A-game every time to make sure product selection, timing and coverage is on target with every pass in the field. With the ability to handle more than 10 products - far more than its competitors - TerraGator is best suited to help operators successfully tackle the myriad of field-application methods.

Designed exclusively for TerraGator, the Viper Pro field computer now has the ability to keep rates constant for up to 10 products. Its expanded memory database enables more field data to be stored. Additional highlights include a bin-dispense delay, which allows the operator to set the amount of time needed for a product from each bin to reach the boom, and an intuitive boom-capacity alarm, which sounds when a boom reaches its maximum capacity. Viper Pro also features a simplified application-system cleanout located on the application rate-control screen, and a product-dispense auto-shut-down when critical errors are detected.

Additional features introduced in 2011 on the TG7300, TG8300 and TG8400 now are available options on the TG9300. These include a nine-inch camera/monitor kit and six-port auxiliary in-cap power strip.

Like its predecessors, the new TerraGator TG7300, TG8300 and TG8400 models tout many notable features that have influenced and advanced the flotation-applicator category.

"TerraGator was the very first flotation applicator to come to market with a Tier 4 interim engine featuring SCR technology," says Krause. "TerraGator also remains the first and only applicator built with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). This combination improves in-field performance and can generate up to 17 percent less fuel consumption. No other machine comes close to matching these numbers. Performance and profitability are only going to improve now that we're making it easier for customers to get their hands on valuable application and precision technology options."

Additional features that contribute to this industry-leading machine include:

Lowest in-cab noise levels in the flotation market at 75.9 decibels
Easier access to cooling units for cleaning
Enhanced Application System hydraulic system for maximum output flow at lower RPMs on the 1,800-gallon liquid, Airmax Precision, Airmax Precision 2, Air Spreader and Soilection Twin Bin systems
Myriad of optional features, including an enlarged pressure washer/storage cabinet, leather deluxe seat, auxiliary front mirrors, extension mirrors, pressure washer system, power strip and additional fuel water separator filter

"Professional applicators are faced with very high expectations of understanding proper application of a multitude of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and crop nutrients and knowing how to apply them right the first time, every time and in a cost efficient manner," says Mark Sharitz, AGCO Application Equipment director of marketing. "We understand and appreciate these challenges, which is why we're proud to offer the professional-grade TerraGator that is as powerful and dependable as it is smart and intuitive."

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