Ag Pro Podcast: Technologies, Relationships in Selling Seed

AgPro Podcast with Ashley Davenport - Joe Sinclair, President and CEO of Quality Ag Service of Iowa

Joe Sinclair
Albia, Iowa

President &CEO, QualityAg Service Inc.

“I’m really excited about what MS Technologies has developed. MS Technologies has the new LibertyLink GT27 soybean that’s going to have the LibertyLink trait, glyposate and HPPD tolerance. The good seed salesman has a relationship with the grower and is able to develop a plan for them to get a successful result. All farms aren’t the same. All farmers aren’t the same. It’s very important to have that relationship close enough with growers to give them the best possible results. If you try to treat them all as one blanket solution for everything, you’re not going to get the best result.”