Ag Pro Podcast: Developing Products With Farmers

AgPro Radio ( Farm Journal )

On the AgPro Podcast with Ashley Davenport, voices from the industry asked, "How is your company positioned to help retailers with the biggest trends in crop inputs?" Tim McArdle
Springfield, Ill.

Chief Operating Officer
Brandt Co.

A: Whenever someone encounters a Brandt Product, I like people to know that we are also a retailer. This company grew up as a retailer. But our company also has a Specialty Formulations Division where we manufacture and package our own Brandt proprietary products. And those products have been ground truthed with research right here in Central Illinois and around the country. We develop products with farmers just like your customers, so you can have confidence with Brandt products. This includes our foliar products like Brandt Smart Trio and Brandt Smart Quatro.

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