After Founder’s Death, Exapta Solutions Announces Leadership

In early September, the board of directors at Exapta Solutions appointed Leah Lanie chief of operations. This announcement comes one week after the founder and CEO of Exapta, Matt Hagny died in an accident.

Lanie has been the company’s sales and service manager since 2013. 

“I am honored to be elected as the Chief of Operations of Exapta Solutions. For the past six years it has been a privilege to be a part of an organization which strives to deliver high quality products for No-till producers and innovative solutions to the best of customers,” Lanie said in a news release. “It has been an even greater privilege to work alongside Matt. He was a tremendous teacher, leader and loyal friend. It was never about Exapta’s bottom-dollar for Matt, but only what was best for the customer’s success. That is truly honorable and I am determined to continue this outlook. Our customer’s success is our success.”

The company also announced Emilie Downs, sister of Hagny and successor as the CEO of Exapta, will provide executive leadership. Since the company started in 1998, Downs has been involved in the company’s marketing and advertising, including its website, catalog and strategic planning. 

“It’s been a privilege to work alongside my brother, Matt, for the past 21 years, growing this company into what Exapta is today. I have every confidence in Leah taking the reins as COO as the company moves forward,” Downs said in a news release. “We believe in the necessity of providing excellent no-till products and honest information to its farmers.”

Additionally, Keith and Ben Thompson, members of the board of directors and shareholders, will formally provide their consultation to the business. 

“Our friendship with Matt Hagny began in 1995, on the 1st bus trip sponsored by No-till on the Plains. We have made many memories with Matt going to field days, on trips abroad to study no-till ideas. In 2002, we joined forces with Exapta, because our ideas and thoughts were aligned with Matt’s.” Keith Thompson said in a news release. “Over the years we have worked alongside Matt to make Exapta the leader in No-till seeding, to provide top-notch products and solutions. We are committed to keeping those ideals in place. Matt, Ben and I have always looked for like-minded people to join our Exapta team, Leah fits that bill. Since Leah joined Exapta, she has proven to be an exceptional leader. Leah has a visionary mindset and will be a great asset for Exapta as we press forward.”