Additional Dicamba Herbicide Approved for Over-the-Top Use

Farmers will have an additional herbicide option in dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton in 2017. BASF’s Engenia herbicide recently received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency.

BASF has a long history with dicamba products, having commercialized older formulations Banvel and Clarity, and is confident in the newest formulation.


Engenia comparison

The above chart uses comparative values. If Banvel represents 100% volatility, Clarity is 25% and Engenia is 7.5%.




The company says Engenia reduces drift by 70% compared to Clarity—with a greater reduction when compared to Banvel. It’s still important to read and follow label directions to reduce risk of off-target movement.

“Soybean and cotton growers now have a new tool at their disposal to manage glyphosate-resistant weeds,” said Neil Bentley, director of marketing, U.S. Crop, BASF. The new tool uses a BAPMA salt.

BASF offers the following recommendations for ground sprayers:

  • Nozzle Size:¬†TTI11004
  • Spray Volume:¬†greater than 10 GPA
  • Boom Height:¬†less than 24" above target
  • Equipment Ground Speed:¬†less than 15 mph
  • Wind Speed:¬†less than 3 mph, don't spray during temperature inversions; from 10 to 15 mph don't spray if wind is blowing toward neighboring sensitive non-specialty crop; don't spray over 15 mph

Click here for more information about herbicide application and tank mixing.



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