Additional Corn Herbicide Available in 2018

Summit Agro USA is launching Shieldex 400SC, a new corn herbicide for the 2018 growing season. It features HPPD inhibitor (group 27) technology for broadleaf and some grass control.

Shieldex 400SC provides control against especially troublesome weeds such as Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, giant ragweed and giant foxtail. You can apply the product on corn up to V6 growth stage.

"We are very excited about the registration of Shieldex 400SC corn herbicide, and look forward to working with our exclusive distribution partners Helena Chemical Co. and Tenkoz Inc. to get the product into the hands of Retailers and Growers across the US," says Jon Forbis, Shieldex 400SC product manager.

The new herbicide has more than 500 private and university research trials since 2014. Summit Agro USA says it is a safe and effective product for all types of corn.