Acuron Flexi is the name for new Syngenta corn herbicide

Syngenta has announced Acuron Flexi as the name of its new corn herbicide premix, formulated for long-lasting residual control of difficult weeds and added flexibility. EPA registration is anticipated for the 2016 growing season.

Using the latest formulation technology, Acuron Flexi will combine three active ingredients, including bicyclopyrone, and two complementary modes of action to deliver a multi-targeted approach to weed control. This is especially important as weed resistance is expanding and weeds such as giant ragweed, waterhemp and Palmer amaranth are becoming more difficult to manage.

"This summer, I visited field trials across the U.S. and no matter where we were, what soil type we were in, or what the weed pressure, Acuron Flexi provided improved control and more consistent control of tough weeds, including resistant weeds, than competitive herbicide programs, said Gordon Vail, Ph.D., technical product lead for herbicides, Syngenta.

In addition to better performance on difficult weeds, Vail says Acuron Flexi will provide farmers with added flexibility in terms of geographic flexibility, rotational flexibility, application flexibility and tank mix flexibility.

"Where registered, there will be no geographic or soil-type restrictions for using Acuron Flexi. Farmers will be able to rotate to a variety of crops following an application of Acuron Flexi, and they will have a wide application window from 28 days pre-plant up to 30-inch corn, Vail said. "Lastly, since Acuron Flexi does not contain atrazine or glyphosate, it can be tank mixed with other herbicides like AAtrex and Touchdown brands based on farming practices.

Ryan Lins, Syngenta R&;D scientist from Minnesota, has tested Acuron Flexi on his research farm since 2013. His trials make up a portion of the 700-plus field trials featuring bicyclopyrone that have been conducted to fine-tune the product in preparation for registration.

"Farmers in certain areas of the Corn Belt – like parts of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin – will find this product especially appealing, since they are limited from using atrazine because of carryover, said Lins. "That flexibility, coupled with its long-lasting, consistent residual control, make Acuron Flexi an exciting new solution for controlling problem weeds in this area.

Growers and retailers can contact their Syngenta agronomist to see Acuron Flexi in weed-control trials at university locations and Syngenta Grow More Experience Sites in their area.