70 BPA Wheat In Louisiana Credited to Low Disease, Optimal Conditions

5/31/18 Louisiana Wheat Harvest
Wheat field ( Charles Johnson )

In the U.S., farmers have been churning and burning to finish #plant18. According to the latest USDA Crop Progress Report, 92 percent of the corn crop has been planted and 77 percent of soybeans are in the ground.

For these farmers, #harvest18seems a long way away. However, wheat growers have had harvest on the brain. TheUSDA is reporting 73 percent of the winter wheat crop in 18 states has headed, two points behind the five-year average.

Louisiana isn’t included in those 18 states that grow 90 percent of the nation’s wheat. In recent years, they’ve seen a drastic reduction in wheat acres because of low yields and poor quality.

This year, disease pressure was low, and as a result, growers have produced a promising crop.

“If you were a wheat producer this year, you probably got your money’s worth,” said Boyd Padgett, wheat specialist with the Louisiana State University AgCenter. “In 30 years of walking wheat fields, this is the lightest disease I’ve ever seen in the state.”

Craig Gautreaux from the LSU AgCenter reports on Louisiana wheat harvest on AgDay above.