7 Most-Read Stories On Robotics In Ag In 2018

Starting in Texas and spanning to Georgia and through the Mississippi Delta, Blue River will partner with John Deere dealers to identify local farmers as test cooperators for in-field demos in 2018.
( Blue River )

Autonomy, driverless machines, swarm robots and artificial intelligence are hot topics in agriculture. The traffic to stories about robotics only increased throughout 2018. Here are the top seven most-read stories about robotics—five of which were published in the second half of the year.

  1. Blue River Expands See & Spray Testing Before Commercial Launch (March 5)
  2. Indiana Farmer Blazes Trail to Driverless Tractors (October 25)
  3. Technology Will Change Weed Control From Chemistry to Application (September 25)
  4. StartUp Electrocutes Weeds For Non-Chemical Control (September 22)
  5. Killer Robots: Weeds Won’t Know What Hit Em’ (October 15)
  6. Swarm Bots Coming In A Decade (March 8)
  7. Smart Technology Garners Crowds And Attention (October 8)