37% Of Farmers Are ‘Not At All’ Confident In Tariff Aid Package

Farmers are concerned the aid packaged announced last week by the Trump Administration will not help them financially. ( File Photo )

Last week, the Trump Administration announced that it will roll out a $12 billion aid package to farmers as early as this September. The emergency aid is designed to offset financial losses farmers affected by tariffs are expected to incur as a result of the trade disputes between the U.S. and China. But only 10% of farmers responding to a Farm Journal Pulse survey last week said the relief plan alleviates their financial concerns.

Nearly 670 farmers responded to the question: To what degree does President Trump’s $12 billion relief plan for U.S. farmers relieve your concerns about the impact of tariffs on your farm income? Thirty-seven percent of farmers responded “not at all.” Another 24% said the plan alleviates their concerns only “somewhat,” while 29% percent said they are “not sure.”


http://pulse.farmjournalmobile.com/images/dot_green.png= Completely


10 %

http://pulse.farmjournalmobile.com/images/dot_red.png= Somewhat


24 %

http://pulse.farmjournalmobile.com/images/dot_blue.png= Not At All


37 %

http://pulse.farmjournalmobile.com/images/dot_orange.png= Not Sure


29 %

Total # of Responses