25 Top Ag Universities Named

Each year QS World University, with Elsevier, ranks agriculture and forestry colleges. Rankings are based on academic reputation, employer reputation and research impact. This list is world-wide, so you’ll find many universities not located in the U.S. and if you don’t see your Alma matter try checking a little lower on the list here.

  1. Wageningen University, Netherlands
  2. University of California, Davis
  3. Cornell University
  4. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  5. University of California, Berkeley
  6. University of Reading, United Kingdom
  7. University of Wisconsin, Madison
  8. Michigan State University
  9. Purdue University
  10. Agro, ParisTech, France
  11. ETH Zurich, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  12. University of British Columbia, Canada
  13. Iowa State University
  14. University of Tokeyo
  15. Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  16. China Agricultural University
  17. University of Copenhagen
  18. University of Guelph, Canada
  19. The Australian National University
  20. Texas A&M
  21. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  22. Massey University
  23. Oregon State University
  24. Pennsylvania State University
  25. The University of Queensland

Top Ag Universities