2019 Salary Survey

2019 Salary Survey ( Lindsey Benne )

Conducted in March, AgPro’s annual Salary Survey shows some significant changes have occurred during the past year. One of the most notable is in benefits offered. Of the retailers surveyed, 87% now offer their employees individual health coverage. That is a 13% increase over 2018. In addition, the availability of family health coverage increased from 81% of retailers offering it to employees to 93% now offering it. Overall, retailers increased nine of the 10 employee benefits addressed by the report in 2019.

Undoubtedly, the increase in benefits retailers are offering reflects the ever-smaller pool available of qualified employees and prospective job seekers in the marketplace.

The goal of this annual survey is to provide the ag industry with a better understanding of salary, compensation and benefits for agronomy sales professionals and applicator/machine operators.

Survey respondents included agronomy department managers, agronomy assistant managers, general managers, assistant managers, location managers and operations managers. The top five states represented in the 2019 survey were, in order, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Indiana.