2018 AgPro Salary Survey

Annual report reveals key trends ( Farm Journal Media )

Conducted in April 2018, AgPro’s annual Salary Survey had a record number of responses.

The goal of the survey is to provide a better understanding of salary and compensation for agronomy sales professionals and applicator and machine operators.

Respondents included agronomy department managers, agronomy assistant managers, general managers, assistant managers, location managers and operations managers. Top states represented in the 2018 survey were Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, California, Kansas, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina.

The average number of full-time professional applicators for the respondents’ companies was 37. The average number for full-time sales agronomists for the respondents’ companies was 30.  

One trend is a 5% increase in both expectations of higher education level and higher experience level leading to higher pay for applicators. For sales agronomists, those elevated levels of education and experience still mattered, but the expectation stayed flat.



Compensation Plans

Competitor Influence

Base Annual Salary

Base Salary: Applicators/Machinery Operators

Base Salary: Sales Agronomists

Base Wage Increases: Applicators/Machinery Operators

Base Wage Increases: Sales Agronomists

Bonuses: Applicators/Machinery Operators

Bonuses: Sales Agronomists

Bonus Factors: Applicators/Machinery Operators

Bonus Factors: Sales Agronomists


Influence of Benefits Packages

Benefits Offered


Minimum Education: Applicators/Machinery Operators

Minimum Education: Sales Agronomists

Education/Salary Relationship: Applicators/Machinery Operators

Education/Salary Relationship: Sales Agronomist

Experience/Salary Relationship: Applicators/Machinery Operators

Experience/Salary Relationship: Sales Agronomist

Education vs. Experience: Applicators/Machinery Operators

Education vs. Experience: Sales Agronomist

Introduction by Margy Eckelkamp. Data visualization by Lindsey Benne.