2014 iFarm crop insurance tools now available

The 2014 iFarm Crop Insurance Tools are now available in the crop insurance section of farmdoc.

iFarm Crop Insurance Payment Simulator
This web-based tool provides estimates of premiums for available 2014 insurance products at each coverage election, and then calculates the expected frequency of payments, average payments, net costs, and risk reductions associated with alternative crop insurance products and election levels in an easily understood format.
Go to iFarm Payment Simulator

iFarm Crop Insurance Premium Calculator
This is a web-based tool that provides premiums useful when making crop insurance decisions for multiple crops. Estimates are for crops in states that are harvested in 2014.
Go to iFarm Premium Calculator

FAST Crop Insurance Decision Tool
This 2014 spreadsheet tool contains four components. The first computes farmer-paid premiums for different user entered parameters. A "What-if" tool calculates insurance payments for user supplied prices and yields. A history of insurance payments and premiums can be found in the "Historical Analysis" section. The tool also allows comparison of farm yields to county yields (requires Microsoft Excel).
Download FAST Crop Insurance Decision Tool


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