2012 Top Product of the Year Chosen

Cornell University's Adapt-N was chosen as AgProfessional's 2012 Readers' Choice Top Product of the Year in the sixth year of the contest. Voting for the product was conducted online at www.AgProfessional.com.

AgProfessional congratulates Cornell University on winning the Readers' Choice New Product of the Year for 2012, with a huge 52 percent of the vote.

2012 Top Product of the Year ChosenAdapt-N is an online tool that helps precisely manage nitrogen inputs for grain, silage or sweet corn. It uses a well-calibrated computer model and high-resolution weather information to help simulate the complexities of a growing season within a corn field.

It was developed to provide more precise N recommendations for corn, based on site-specific conditions. It uses basic soil, management and crop information provided by the grower. By basing recommendations on local weather conditions, the tool improves N use efficiency, thus improving farm profits, while reducing environmental N losses.

2012 Top Product of the Year Chosen2012 Top Product of the Year Chosen"The Adapt-N Team at Cornell University is very honored to receive the AgProfessional 2012 Readers' Choice Top Product of the Year Award, and it is a distinction to be the first university to receive it, said Harold van Es, professor, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University. "We are very pleased with this recognition from a key group of professionals in the agricultural sector. The Adapt-N tool provides benefits to crop producers and can also reduce the environmental impacts of nitrogen use on corn. Such win-win approaches are most promising to enhancing the sustainability of corn production in the U.S. Therefore, having the support of agricultural consulting professionals is critical to achieving this goal.

"I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the Cornell Adapt-N development group, Jeff Melkonian, Laura Joseph, Bianca Moebius-Clune and Art DeGaetano, as well as our many partners in the field, notably MGT Envirotec of Iowa.

The tool was tested for nearly two years in Iowa and New York before it was introduced in 2012 to Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The tool will be expanded for use and more states are expected to be added in the future to encompass the Northeast and all of the Corn Belt states.

The tool is expected to add several new features in the future, van Es said. "The tool still has more to offer as we plan to include several new components, he said. "We plan to add a cover crop component and a way to calculate nitrous oxide loss estimates. In addition, for 2013, the tool now has the ability to do batch uploads of large databases of information. This will reduce data entry as it will allow a consultant to upload information from multiple locations all at the same time instead of individually.

A total of 10 new products were selected by the editors of AgProfessional as 2012 AgProfessional Editors' Choice New Product of the Year Award winners and were the choices from which to vote. Voters were reminded that voting for the 2012 Readers' Choice Award was not linked to what a company's product has accomplished but its potential for impact on the agricultural industry.

Readers were asked to vote for the top product based on innovation, potential impact and information disseminated. Coming in second in the online voting was Xemium fungicide from BASF. Third place was Fierce herbicide from Valent. Votes earned after the top three products dropped off significantly.