In the West, cold weather prevails. Despite the chilly conditions, fieldwork is advancing in many areas, including California. However, drought-easing precipitation is spreading across Arizona.

On the Plains, a developing storm is producing beneficial precipitation across the southern half of the region. Currently, some of the heaviest rain is falling in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, warmth lingers across the southeastern Plains, but sharply colder air is overspreading the northern and central High Plains.

In the Corn Belt, rain is spreading into the middle Mississippi Valley. A few showers have developed as far east as northern Indiana. Although Midwestern harvest activities are nearing completion in many areas, appreciable amounts of corn and soybeans remain in the field across the eastern Corn Belt.

In the South, dry weather and warmer conditions favor late-season fieldwork, including winter wheat planting and cotton, peanut, and soybean harvesting.

Outlook: During the early- to mid-week period, a potent storm system will produce heavy rain (2 to 4 inches, with locally higher amounts) from the southern Plains into the Great Lakes region. The rain will benefit pastures and winter grains, but disrupt fieldwork. Meanwhile, significant snow will accumulate from the Four Corners States into the upper Great Lakes region, including portions of the central High Plains and the western Corn Belt. Warm weather will prevail in advance of the storm, while cold air will spread as far east as the Midwest by Thursday and the East by Friday. Toward week’s end, temperatures will quickly rebound across the nation’s mid-section, while cool, showery weather will arrive along the Pacific Coast. The NWS 6- to 10-day outlook for November 12-16 calls for above-normal temperatures in the eastern half of the U.S., while colder-than-normal weather will prevail across the northern High Plains and the West. Meanwhile, above-normal precipitation across the majority of the nation will contrast with drier-than-normal conditions in Florida and the southern half of the Plains.