In the West, cool, dry weather prevails, except for a return to mild conditions in California. However, a storm system approaching the Pacific Northwest is bearing heavy precipitation and high winds.

On the Plains, patches of snow are developing across parts of Nebraska and Kansas. Meanwhile, cold, dry weather prevails on the northern and southern Plains. In the latter region, fieldwork includes cotton, peanut, and sorghum harvesting.

In the Corn Belt, rain continues to disrupt fieldwork in the Ohio Valley. By November 13, nearly half (49%) of Ohio’s corn remained in the field. Meanwhile, colder air is overspreading the remainder of the Midwest. The soybean harvest is already complete in Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas.

In the South, rain is falling across interior portions of the region, while warm, dry weather lingers in the southern Atlantic region and along the Gulf Coast. By November 13, the Southeastern cotton harvest ranged from 71% complete in Georgia to 86% complete in Virginia.

Outlook: During the second half of the week, cool air will briefly overspread the Midwest, South, and East in the wake of a departing storm. Before the storm departs, additional rainfall could reach 1 to 2 inches from the interior Southeast into the Mid-Atlantic States. Farther west, late-week snow will spread across the nation’s northern tier as far east as the upper Great Lakes region. During the weekend, an early-season cold wave will affect the Plains and the West. Sub-zero temperatures can be expected on the northern Plains, while light freezes may occur as far south as California’s San Joaquin Valley. The NWS 6- to 10-day outlook for November 21-25 calls for warmer-than-normal weather from the Plains to the East Coast, while near- to below-normal temperatures will prevail in the West. Meanwhile, wetter-than-normal conditions in northern California, the Northwest, and from the southeastern Plains into the Great Lakes and Northeastern States will contrast with near- to below-normal precipitation across the remainder of the U.S.