In the West, generally cool, dry weather prevails in advance of an approaching Pacific storm system. The water content of the high-elevation Sierra Nevada snow pack stands at just 6 inches, only about 35 percent of average for early February.

On the Plains, cool, dry weather prevails. In the wake of last week’s snow storm, which provided beneficial moisture and insulation for the central Plains’ winter wheat crop, this morning’s snow depths included 9 inches in Denver, Colorado, and 7 inches in Omaha, Nebraska. On the northern and southern Plains, however, wheat remains exposed to potential weather extremes.

In the Corn Belt, a mild, tranquil weather regime continues. Snow still covers portions of the southwestern Corn Belt, in the wake of last week’s storm, with 4 inches reported on the ground this morning in Des Moines, Iowa. Much of the remainder of the Corn Belt remains largely free of snow, although dry conditions in the upper Midwest contrast with soggy conditions in the Ohio Valley.

In the South, a few light rain showers dot Alabama and Florida. However, drought remains a significant concern across the lower Southeast as the planting season approaches.

Outlook: During the next 5 days, relatively tranquil weather will prevail nearly nationwide. Along the California Coast, however, a Pacific storm may produce more than an inch of rain by mid-week. Farther inland, only light precipitation can be expected in key watershed areas of the Sierra Nevada. Generally light precipitation will also occur across southern Texas and the Pacific Northwest. Elsewhere, mild conditions early in the week across the Midwest and East will be replaced by colder conditions at week’s end. The NWS 6- to 10-day outlook for February 11-15 calls for near- to below-normal temperatures nationwide, except for pockets of warmer-than-normal weather in the Southwest and along the Atlantic Coast. Meanwhile, near- to below-normal precipitation across the majority of the U.S. will contrast with wetter-than-normal conditions in the central Rockies, Great Lakes region, and the South.