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Attendees will learn best practices to reduce or eliminate hazards associated with processing or handling of blends containing sulphur by providing reasonable health and safety protection of employees and property. A great webinar for management personnel, safety personnel, and employees and staff that work with sulphur fertilizer products.

Brad Miller

Brad Miller

Brad Miller is the Supply Chain Manager for H.J. Baker's Tiger-Sul Products (Canada) Co. subsidiaries. He has worked in the sulphur industry for 25 years and is a member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. He is professionally certifies in Occupational Health and Safety and has experience as a Certified Health and Safety Auditor in the petroleum industry. He was also an instructor in the "HS2 Alive, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Miller's responsibilities include overall site management of the company's Calgary facility, which is being relocated to a newly purchased facility in Irricana, Alberta. Miller's responsibilities include overall site management of the Alberta facility in Calgary/Irricana, and assisting with management of the company's U.S. facilities in Alabama and California.


Rich Keller, editor of AgProfessional


Safety in the Workplace

  • Approved codes of practice
  • Employer's & Employee's Responsibilities
  • Training
  • Financial Benefits

Hazards Information:

  • Dust characteristics
  • Personal protective equipment

Handling Sulphur Safety:

  • General safety information
  • Equipment design
  • Operating Procedures
  • Maintenance & Housekeeping

Who should attend:

  • Management personnel
  • Safety personnel
  • Employees/staff

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As part of its continued commitment to customer service and providing the best sulphur bentonite products possible, H.J. Baker has established Tiger-University for its Tiger-Sul Products division. Tiger University will provide research and credited classroom study as part of its continuing education program

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