Bayer CropScience has been granted registration of Wolverine herbicide, a convenient postemergence solution for broadleaf and grass control in wheat and barley, by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Wolverine offers two-way control of more than 60 hard-to-control grasses and broadleaf weeds at a single rate. When applied according to label guidelines, cereal growers receive dependable control of kochia, Russian thistle, prickly lettuce, wild buckwheat, wild oat, barnyardgrass, green and yellow foxtails as well as other weeds that plague Northern cereals.

John McGregor, Bayer CropScience Herbicide Product Manager says Wolverine is the premier herbicide offering against ALS resistant biotypes of broadleaf weeds. "Wolverine includes a new mode of action for broadleaf weed control that is the first of its kind in cereals," he says. "As an all-in-one treatment, it also provides convenience to the grower, eliminating the potential for mixing errors. The grower simply adds water and heads straight to the field."

Wolverine is an optimized formulation which does not require the addition of adjuvants, additional herbicides, or variable rates to get maximum performance and broad spectrum control. "As a OnePass solution, growers will save valuable time and eliminate additional steps, thus increasing operational efficiency," he says.

Wolverine offers a wide window of application with no carryover to a long list of rotational crops. According to McGregor, this is a major advantage to users. "Wolverine eliminates many of the decisions that growers often have to make," he adds. "Growers and crop advisors who administered the 2008 trials were impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the product."

For optimal results, Bayer CropScience recommends treating Wolverine at a rate of 1.7 pints per acre through ground or aerial applications. Wolverine should be applied when susceptible grass weeds are at the one leaf to two tiller stage and broadleaf weeds are at the one to six leaf stage of development. On wheat, Wolverine can be applied up to 60 days prior to harvest; on barley from emergence to the five leaf stage.

Wolverine herbicide is one of the many innovative solutions from Bayer CropScience - a company committed to bringing new technology to the forefront of crop production. For questions concerning the use and availability of Wolverine, growers should visit their retailer, contact a local Bayer CropScience Cereal Expert representative or visit Bayer CropScience online at