Miller St. Nazianz, Inc. has unveiled two new models of Miller Nitro 4000 Series Sprayers - the High Torque (HT) Sprayers.

Miller is building up its Nitro 4000 line-up by adding the Nitro 4215HT (High Torque) and 4240HT models. The HT models were introduced to increase climbing performance on steep hills or to power through other exceptionally challenging field conditions where higher torque requirements are necessary.

The original 4215 is still available in the line-up, while the 4240HT replaces the original and now discontinued 4240 model. The 4215HT features larger Poclain direct drive MS18 wheel motors with 00 cams in the rear, replacing the original MS13 motors, providing up to 20 percent more torque over the original 4215.

The 4240HT features larger Poclain direct drive MS18 Dyna Plus wheel motors in the rear with the option of either 00 or 02 cams, replacing the original MW14 motors. The 02 cams provide approximately 13 percent more torque than the 00 cams. The units were put to the test on a hill climb course on July 29th in St. Nazianz where the dealers were able to see the increased climbing ability of the 4215HT, 4240HT 00 cams, and 4240HT 02 cams over earlier models.