Speedtech Instruments offers agriculture/herbicide professionals the best wind & weather measuring tools on the market. Our WM-300 is the perfect instrument for custom applicators or anyone involved in spraying. It measures everything the pesticide professional requires: the wind speed, wind direction, cross wind, temperature, humidity, wet bulb, dewpoint and delta T at a list price of only $220.00.

The first wind meter with a humidity sensor that never needs calibration, the extensive features of this unit make it the first choice for outdoor professionals, especially in agriculture. The wind vane allows your readings to clearly come from the axis of the blowing wind and the jackknife case ensures accuracy by keeping the user's hand away from the sensors. It is equipped with a backlight and digital compass, which also computes cross, head/tail wind readings. Powered by a long lasting replaceable lithium battery, WindMates are accurate to within 3 percent. Each unit is water resistant, shock resistant, has a tripod fitting and auto shutoff feature, plus a 2-year warranty!

Measures: Current, maximum and average wind speed (10 seconds)
Units measured: Mph, Kt, Kp/h, BF, FPM, M/sec.
Wind direction, using built in digital compass
Cross, head and tail wind calculation
Relative humidity
Wet bulb
Delta T
Comfort index

Speedtech Instruments introduces wind and weather tool