EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack from SipcamAdvan represents the latest in peanut disease management technology and convenience. A product of SipcamAdvan, the new EPA-labeled product controls early leaf spot, late leaf spot, web blotch and rust in peanut production.

EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack combines a standard use ratio of the contact properties of Echo chlorothalonil and the systemic properties of Eminent tetraconazole in one dual-chambered container. One co-pack provides rainfast disease control to 10 acres of peanuts.

Additional EchoEminent benefits include extended residual, new growth protection, enhanced leaf spot control, reduced resistance issues, simplified loading and mixing and maximized yield potential.

Echo is a contact fungicide long recognized as a standard for peanut disease prevention. It naturally adheres to the plant surface and exhibits no resistance issues. Eminent is a systemic fungicide offering both preventive and curative disease control. Recently labeled for peanut use, it generates rapid uptake, translocation and translaminar movement. Eminent moves quickly from the peanut leaf to the internal leaf tissue where it creates an active ingredient reservoir and provides extended residual and new growth protection.