The Raven SmartSteer assisted steering system takes the stress out of driving and makes it quick and
painless to improve operating efficiency and performance. Pair SmartSteer with Cruizer, Envizio Pro, or Viper Pro for a quick-to-install steering system uniquely designed to keep the user on line and simplify driving. Optional vehicle transfer kits make moving SmartSteer from cab to cab a breeze- and the steering wheel doesn't even have to be removed!

The unique direct gear drive found in SmartSteer completely eliminates unwanted slippage for improved accuracy and reliability. SmartSteer is even kind to your ears as one of the quietest assisted steering products on the market.

Cruizer and SmartSteer make a winning combination! Three words best describe the pairing of Cruizer and SmartSteer: simple, affordable, and portable. Match SmartSteer with Cruizer to achieve the most user-friendly, cost effective steering and guidance system on the market today.

SmartSteer Features: