Double-crop soybeans are subject to a variety of stresses, including excessive heat and drought conditions and nutrient deficiencies. These stresses can slow or stop the growth process as the plants employ their natural health defenses, working harder just to survive.

Precision Laboratories' ProSurge is a catalytic soybean seed treatment that helps double-crop soybeans manage these stresses by maintaining essential cellular functions and preventing cell activity shutdown.

"Double-cropping soybeans is a valuable practice, as long as the risks are managed," said Terry Culp, vice president of Seed Enhancement and Nutrients at Precision Laboratories. "Managing stress to promote healthy, vigorous plants is essential, and ProSurge provides the improved performance the plants need. It's a stress management tool growers can economically employ to maximize profits."

"ProSurge reduces much of the plant stress risk associated with double- crop soybeans," said Rick Wohlner, president of Precision Laboratories. "It's a proven product that helps growers realize a greater return on their investment."

ProSurge combines a biocatalyst and a film-forming polymer to provide improved soybean plant stand, increased vigor and faster canopy closure, leading to higher yield. Research at more than 145 locations in many years of use demonstrates consistent performance of ProSurge in a wide range of conditions.