Casella USA offers the NOMAD, a portable monitoring station designed for ease of transportation, rapid deployment and quality of measurement.

"The NOMAD is an ideal tool for environmental consultants, researchers, meteorologists and industrial users," said Bob Selwyn, vice president of sales at Casella USA. "Plus, we now offer a version with ALOHA (Area Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres) software especially designed for first responders in hazmat situations. For example, where a gas cloud was released, the NOMAD with ALOHA can help predict how the cloud will disperse over a large area."

The aluminum-based NOMAD system weighs less than 30 pounds and is supplied in three customized carrying bags, ready for deployment in 5 minutes or less. Disassembly is just as quick, allowing the technician to be packed and in route to the next monitoring location without delay. It boasts professional quality sensors for wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, air pressure and rainfall, with options for up to four more sensors such as soil temperature, leaf wetness, grass temperature, SOX and NOX. A built-in solar panel supplies power, enabling the station to run continuously in a remote environment.

The revolutionary new SENSUS data-logger is at the heart of the NOMAD, with 512K of internal memory, on-board data display and memory expansion using Compact Flash memory cards. PC software enables convenient data downloading, archiving, reporting and real-time condition monitoring. Users communicate with the station via laptop, telephone or radio modems.

The Casella NOMAD is immediately available.

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Portable weather station deploys within five minutes