NORAC Systems International, Saskatoon, SK and it's U.S. Subsidiary, NORAC, Inc, Fridley, Minn., released the UC5 Automatic Spray Height Control System. The new system, featuring Ag Leader's Insight display as the user-interface, will enhance the functionality and performance of spray operations.

The UC5 uses ultrasonic sensors to contol boom height by monitoring ground surface or crop height, depending upon crop conditions and operator preference. There are no gage wheels or feelers, all adjustments are made by non-contact height control. The UC5 also has Roll Control capabiliites for most sprayer models, allowing for increased boom stability, even in the most challenging terrain.

"We are excited to be releasing to the market place not only the most state of the art Spray Height Control System, but also the ability to interface that system to the InSight display," says Steve Sveum, General Manager of the US Division of NORAC. "The integration of our products makes this a "win-win-win" for NORAC, Ag Leader, and the spray application industry."

The InSight Display will support set-up, calibration and run time operation of the UC5. Using a CAN-system design there is only a single cable connection needed between Ag Leader and NORAC products.

When using the UC5 interface with the InSight DirectCommand system, operators will be able to use features such as AutoSwath, SmartReport and rate control along with spray height control to maximize productivitiy and reduce operator fatique. The InSight DirectCommand system also supports variable rate and multiple product application control.

John Howard, Ag Leader's Product Manager agrees with Sveum's assessment. "Both DirectCommand and UC5 have unique individual features. Put them together and you have an unbeatable application system."