Alert on compliance with USDA, HAACP, FDA and other regulations affecting agricultural products! --Dickson's new stainless steel case data loggers perfect for monitoring temperatures in wet and/or hot conditions (HT 200/220/225 a.k.a. "Takes-the-Heat-Watertight-Temperature Data Logger, see ) are now available to worldwide agricultural companies and farmers by contacting a Dickson environmental monitoring specialist at +1-630-543-3747 (or 1-800-757-3747 within the U.S.), or writing

These NEW Takes-the-Heat-Watertight Temperature Data Loggers (HT 200) and Piercing Probe Models (HT 220/HT 225) feature:

-Watertight, food grade, HACCP and FDA-Compliant Stainless Steel Cases.

-Temperature resistant up to 257