EnviroLogix Inc. has introduced QuickScan, next-generation technology that enables grain customers to read GMO and mycotoxin test strips in one quantification and traceability system.

Complementary to the launch of QuickScan, EnviroLogix has released a fully quantitative aflatoxin test kit, designed for use in the QuickScan system. QuickTox for QuickScan - Aflatoxin is part of the company's growing line of rapid test kits for food and feed safety.

Identity-preservation grain companies and food or feed processors can now obtain rapid and objective results for an entire EnviroLogix QuickComb, individual GMO tests, or different mycotoxin strips. QuickScan results are quantitative, with adventitious presence reported as percent GMO, and mycotoxin contamination reported in the relevant ppm or ppb scale. This new strip-reading technology can process up to 10 lateral flow strips simultaneously - more than any other on the market.

"EnviroLogix is the worldwide market leader in grain testing within the IP environment," said Simon Varney, Product Manager. "QuickScan continues that leadership by bringing innovation to grain elevators, loading terminals and processors. We are pleased to respond to the evolving needs of our global and sophisticated customer base."

The new QuickScan system combines proprietary software, a stylish touchscreen PC, and the latest in digital-imaging technology. Per-lot quantitative standards are integrated into a unique barcode system, ensuring consistent and precise measurement while eliminating the need for repeated calibration of the scanning system. Instantaneous data storage on the touchscreen PC enhances traceability, since test results can be emailed, printed or analyzed for trends at any time.

QuickScan has been designed to replace the existing QuickStix Reader, introduced by EnviroLogix in 2005 and since adopted by most IP grain handlers and exporters. At that time, the QuickStix optical reader set the standard for non-GMO grain programs by providing semi-quantitative test results. The combination of lateral flow strips and the QuickStix Reader enabled grain companies to meet thresholds in government regulations or commercial agreements, without unnecessarily rejecting grain at otherwise acceptable GMO concentrations simply because a "yes/no" test indicated a positive result.

"QuickScan builds on the success achieved in the industry with our first reader," Varney said. "Management of IP and grain quality is a critical component of today's agriculture, and we will continue to serve the industry by developing market-leading products like QuickScan."

For more information about QuickScan, contact Simon Varney at 1-866-408-4597, e-mail quickscan@envirologix.com, or visit www.envirologix.com