Devgen has received regulatory approval for a new nematicide product that will be promoted under the brand name Enclosure. First year sales will focus on Enclosure's usage in peanuts. The USDA has estimated the annual economic loss in peanuts caused by nematodes at 12 percent. Peanuts are an important global commodity with an average U.S. annual production well above 4 billion pounds (about 1.8 billion kg) and a value of 800 million USD (EUR 600 million).

U.S. peanut trials conducted by Devgen have demonstrated that the use of its nematicide reduces nematode damage and increases peanut quality and yield. In preparation for 2010 sales, Devgen is conducting large demonstration trials for growers, besides extra university/Extension reference trials.

Enclosure is based on the active ingredient Iprodione. The discovery of Iprodione for use as a nematicide (patent pending) was made through Devgen's proprietary genomic-based crop protection technology. The product has been under development in multiple countries by Devgen for the past 5 years.

Thierry Bogaert, CEO of Devgen says: "Devgen is pleased to offer farmers a new solution to protect their crops from nematodes in an environment where the options to treat against this serious pest become more and more restricted."