Highway Equipment Company introduced the NL450C trailer-mounted compost spreader earlier this month. Using the John Deere 8530, 8345R, 9000 series or equivalent horsepower tractor for its source of power, the NL450C covers more ground in less time, while maintaining an accurate spread pattern. It is ideal for spreading composted feedlot manure, waste water, industrial and paper mill waste, marl, poultry litter, fly ash and other sludges.

Mounted on the John Deere TR3000 trailer, the NL450C is designed for heavier spreading needs. The NL450C features dual 30" spinners and tandem hydraulic pumps which increase spinner power by up to 50% and application rates by up to 33 percent, reducing time in the field. The 34-inch conveyor and oversized spinners each have dedicated circuits to provide needed horsepower for heavier loads and bed sides are sloped at 50 degrees for smooth product movement. A stainless steel conveyor floor minimizes rust and corrosion, thus providing longer service life to the overall conveyor system.

Using New Leader's patented (#6,517,281) G4 technology, the NL450C allows users to cover more ground in less time while maintaining an accurate spread pattern, maximizing profitability. Other features include a hydraulic oil cooler to keep oil temperatures low, ensuring peak performance; a material divider providing a uniform spread pattern by directing material off of the conveyor onto spinner discs and a hydraulically-controlled feedgate, allowing adjustments from the comfort of the cab.

The NL450C is available now exclusively through John Deere Commercial Application Dealers (CADs) and Application Support Dealers (ASDs).

New Leader introduces its NL450C Compost Spreader