Agri-Inject, Inc. has introduced a new precision-placement system for applying fertilizer and crop protection products. The Micro-Tube System allows farmers to accurately place starter fertilizer and crop protection products directly into the furrow or soil during tilling, planting or cultivating.

"Getting the most for your fertilizer and crop protection dollars means more than ever in these tough economic times," said Timm Kuehl, Micro-Tube representative for Agri-Inject. "Accurate placement of agricultural inputs can increase yields, reduce costs and minimize waste, whether you are producing row crops, vegetables, sorghum or cotton. Because of this, fertigation and chemigation systems have gained popularity with growers throughout the country. Our Micro-Tube systems enhance your results by providing the most precise placement possible."

Each Agri-Inject Micro-Tube system is custom-designed to work with an individual implement. The systems often include a tank, flow pump, controller and a network of patented precision-sized tubing. The tubing is attached to the implement for precise product placement with extreme accuracy. Used in conjunction with Agri-Inject's patented manifolds, the system pumps a uniform stream of liquid through a network of very small plastic tubes.

"Micro-Tubes are sized so that the same amount of solution is delivered to each row, whether it is in the center or on the outer edges," added Kuehl. "Controlled product flow allows consistent results because you are applying precise amounts of liquid, whether it's an insecticide, a fungicide, a herbicide or a fertilizer product."

A cab-mounted controller allows the applicator to monitor and adjust the solution flow rate to all rows at the same time, on the go. Applicators simply fill the supply tanks, start the system and proceed with planting, cultivation or tillage. Micro-Tubes come in a variety of sizes to fit growers' individual needs.

Source: Agri-Inject, Inc. press release