Onset has introduced a new bracket that makes it fast and convenient to mount the company's light sensors in order to calculate Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) values. NDVI is the standard measure of the density of green vegetation in an area.

Ideal for a range of monitoring applications - from climate change studies to agricultural research - the NDVI Light Sensor Bracket ensures accurate sensor positioning to provide ground-truth verification of satellite NDVI measurements, and ground-based data when satellites are not available. It also provides NDVI values at a finer resolution than is possible with satellite NDVI, which is useful for monitoring vegetation in test plots or sites.

The NDVI Light Sensor Bracket can be configured with Onset's line of research-grade weather stations, including the company's Web-based HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems, four-channel HOBO Micro Stations, and 15-channel HOBO Weather Stations. The systems offer plug-and-play operation, and can be equipped with a range of sensors for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, Photosynthetic Light (PAR), solar radiation and more.

The NDVI Light Sensor Bracket is priced at $18 and will be available from Onset on July 15, 2009.