Leica Geosystems is combining two newly released products in a spring sprayer special. Through June 30, the company is offering the new mojoGLIDE console and iNEX display with auto-section control as a package for just $9,980.

The special starts with the easy-to-install and use mojoGLIDE console, which provides 6- to 8- inch accuracy with no subscription costs, then adds the iNEX color, touch-screen display with auto-section control into an affordable guidance system for spraying applications.

"The mojoGLIDE console is a fantastic system on its own," said Trevor Mecham, North American sales manager. "Nowhere else can farmers get a guidance system with this level of accuracy and no added subscription costs. Plus, it's fully upgradable to RTK accuracy when the user is ready."

In addition to the mojoGLIDE console, the spring sprayer special package includes the Leica iNEX display with auto section control for use with sprayers and planters.

"Auto-section control on the iNEX display uses the most advanced implement modeling for precise application of inputs. Plus, the iNEX provides farmers with of a large, full color, touch screen display," added Mecham.

Order the Spring Sprayer Special online at www.mojoRTK.com or visit a local Leica Ag reseller.