i3G Corp has launched “The One” single tank reader, joining the company’s i-tank Remote Tank Monitoring Solution.

The One, a single DTR digital tank reader, was developed specifically for single tank locations, providing a battery powered, imbedded cellular modem that uses wireless technology to transmit delivery schedules and manual level readings to i3G’s i-tank web-based application. The company's i-tank product line is designed to help optimize the delivery of bulk liquids by monitoring and reporting precise liquid levels on remote storage tanks.

"The One provides a real plug and play solution for single tank optimization," Mike Barcum, i3G Corp CEO, said. "The innovative product joins the i-tank product family, bringing together the latest in digital technology, RF, cellular communication, software and web-based management tools that provide significant ROI for end users.”

Barcum said The One enables bulk industry clients to manage inventory levels electronically, providing real time, secure and accurate data that advises when to deliver, how much to deliver, what to deliver, what was used, when it was used, how much was delivered and when it was delivered, with all data easily and instantly accessible via the company’s online application.

“With the click of a mouse, users can view every relevant detail about their bulk product business, resulting in smart, strategic decisions about their delivery operations that optimize the management and movement of bulk products,” Barcum said.

With i-tank, Barcum said bulk delivery firms can use remote tank level information to optimize their deliveries, reduce staff effort and reduce costs without compromising customer service.

"The simplicity of our solution coupled with ease of deployment, makes i-tank the preferred choice among companies across the United States,” Barcum said. “As transportation and emergency delivery costs continue to climb, there has never been a better time to invest in the i-tank solution. With industry-leading customer service and product reliability, i3G continues to set the bar when it comes to remote level measurement, building new products like “The One” that enhance our range of services and meet the needs of the bulk industry."

More information about i3G Corp’s i-tank Solution and other products and services can be found at http://www.i3gcorp.com/, an introductory demo video.