AutoFarm has introduced its embedded steering control (ESC) for Envizio Pro, allowing it to work with the AutoFarm OnTrac2 GPS Assisted Steering System to provide robust steering of a broad range of equipment including tractors, sprayers, spreaders and combines, according to a press release from the company.

"AutoFarm is a pioneer of embedded steering control systems that offer hands-free operation of multiple makes and models of farm machinery," said John Bressler, senior marketing manager, AutoFarm. "This new release of our OnTrac2 GPS system for Envizio Pro displays gives customers accurate and efficient assisted steering combined with application control, boom management and planter control in a single system that is simple to use and very affordable."

AutoFarm Envizio Pro offers a 10 Hz DGPS integrated receiver and 6.4-inch LCD touchscreen for multiple in-field views with 3-D moving map guidance display. OnTrac2 for Envizio Pro brings hands-free GPS assisted steering with the flexibility to switch from Straight AB to the popular "last pass" guidance; plus mapping and datalogging, single product variable rate control, automatic boom section and boom height control as well as automatic planter control.

AutoFarm OnTrac2 is a new assisted steering solution, introduced in February 2009, for growers who want affordable, easy-to-install, hands-free steering on their operation. OnTrac2 eliminates skips and overlaps, lowers fuel consumption, expands the seasonal operating window, and dramatically reduces operator stress and fatigue, according to the company.

The split-gear design of the OnTrac2 does not require removal of the steering wheel. The OnTrac2 mechanical drive unit simply latches on and off for transfer across multiple brands and types of vehicles. Its high-torque, positive gear drive delivers the turning power needed to control the most demanding agricultural vehicles while eliminating the wheel slip typical of friction motor steering systems.

OnTrac2 for Envizio Pro is available now and for shipping to AutoFarm resellers in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Current users of Envizio Pro can upgrade their display to work with OnTrac2.

For more information, including the location of your nearest AutoFarm reseller, call 1-877-947-7327 or visit the worldwide dealer locator on